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Publiactions 2006

Publications/Original studies

G. Mueller, C. Perret, C.M. Spengler: Optimal intensity for respiratory muscle endurance training in patients with spinal cord injury. J Rehabil Med 38: 381-386, 2006.

C. Perret and G. Müller: Validation of a new portable ergospirometric device (Oxycon Mobile®) during exercise. Int. J. Sports Med. 27: 363-367, 2006.

C. Perret, G. Müller and H. Knecht: Influence of creatine supplementation on 800 m wheelchair performance: A pilot study. Spinal Cord 44: 275-279, 2006.

S. Verges, C. Schulz, C. Perret and CM. Spengler: Impaired abdominal muscle contractility after high-intensity exhaustive exercise assessed by magnetic stimulation. Muscle Nerve 34: 423-430, 2006.

Feldmann, R. Das Flow-Erleben während eines Marathonlaufs: psychologische und physiologische Korrelate. Unveröffentlichte Lizentiatsarbeit, Philosophische Fakultät der Universität Zürich, 2006.
Abstracts and conference papers

H. Berry, C. Perret, K.J. Hunt, S. Grant, B.A. Saunders, D.B. Allan and T.H. Kakebeeke: Conventional incremental exercise test protocol underestimates peak oxygen uptake during stimulated cycle ergometry in paraplegia. In: Proc. 11th Ann. Congress Eur. College Sport Science, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2006.

G. Mueller, P. Hofer, C. Perret, R. Michel, M. Berger and MTE. Hopman: Differences in respiratory mechanics between tetraplegic and able-bodied individuals. J Spinal Cord Med. 29: 280, 2006.

G. Mueller, C. Perret and CM. Spengler: Optimal intensity for respiratory endurance training in patients with spinal cord injury. J Spinal Cord Med. 29: 262, 2006.

C. Perret, H. Berry, KJ. Hunt, DB. Allan, N. Donaldson, TH. Kakebeeke, S. Grant: Characterization of cardiopulmonary performance during stimulated cycle ergometry in aerobically untrained subjects with paraplegia. J Spinal Cord Med. 29: 296, 2006.

C. Perret and G. Mueller: Does low intensity isocapnic hyperpnea enhance blood lactate elimination after exhaustive arm exercise? Schweiz. Zeitschr. Sportmed. Sporttraum. 54: 69, 2006.

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