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Publications 2007

Publications/Original studies

B . Müller, M. Kamber, and M. Strupler: Wann und wie dürfen Sportlerinnen und Sportler medikamentös behandelt werden? Schweiz Med. Forum 7: 856-860, 2007.

M. Strupler: Sportmedizin: Dopingbekämpfung 2006/07. Schweiz. Med. Forum 7: 33-34, 2007.

K.J. Hunt, B.A. Saunders, C. Perret, H. Berry, S. Grant, D.B. Allan, N. Donaldson, and T.H. Kakebeeke: Energetics of paraplegic cycling: a new theoretical framework and efficiency characterisation for untrained subjects.. Eur J Appl Physiol. 101: 277-285, 2007.

C. Perret and G. Müller: Impact of low intensity normocapnic hyperpnea on blood lactate disappearance after exhaustive arm exercise. Brit J Sports Med. 41: 588-591, 2007.

Schüler, J. & Brandstätter, V. & Feldmann, R. (2007).Die Konsequenzen des Flow-Erlebens während eines Marathonlaufs auf Motivation und Leistung. In F. Ehrlenspiel, J. Beckmann, S. Maier, C. Heiss & D. Waldenmayer (Hrsg.) (2007), Diagnostik und Intervention – Bridging the gap. 39. Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sportpsychologie (asp), S. 121. Hamburg: Czwalina Verlag Hamburg.

Abstracts and conference papers

C. Perret, R. Labruyère, G. Müller, M. Strupler: Does the lactate minimum of a heart rate based lactate minimum test correspond to the maximal lactate steady state? Schweiz. Zeitschr. Sportmed. Sporttraum. 55: 109, 2007.

HR. Berry, KJ. Hunt, C. Perret, N. Donaldson, TH. Kakebeeke, DB. Allan: "Cardiorespiratory adaptations to 12 months of high volume functional electrically stimulated (FES) cycle training in paraplegic subjects." in Proc. 46th ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting (Reykjavik, Iceland), 2007.

A. Frotzler, C. Perret, C. Ruckli, M. Berger, P. Eser: "Effect of menopause on bone strength in the lower extremities of women with chronic SCI." in Proc. 46th ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting (Reykjavik, Iceland), 2007.

C. Perret, H. Berry, K. Hunt, N. Donaldson, T.H. Kakebeeke: "Energy expenditure during FES-cycling in trained paraplegic subjects." in Proc. 46th ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting (Reykjavik, Iceland), 2007.

Mueller, G.: Optimisation of exercise performance in wheelchair racing athletes. (2006) Schw. Z. Sportmed. Sporttraumat. 54(2):79.

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